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Hello, My name is Dale Bartlett, Leather Crafter, Musician, Amateur ceramicist, (Even more) Amateur carpenter… but most important… Founder / Owner / Operator of  Bartlett & Co Leather Supply.

The Bartlett & Co journey started in about 2015 with the search for a good, affordable pair of boots. My hopes were high, and mentality stubborn. however it wasn’t meant to be. Call it laziness or call it wilful ignorance, I just couldn’t find what I thought I needed… So doing what all D.I.Y’ers do best, I set off to try and make some myself. After countless hours of Youtube, pestering friends for help, and work; I had finally made my first ever THING out of leather…

…and they were bad.

However, as all good origin stories go, this hiccup didn’t stop me. I found great satisfaction in working with leather and creating functional and stylistic pieces.  The thrill of figuring out a pattern and creating a first prototype of a new product is something that will never leave me.

I am incredibly proud to offer up the culmination of years of hard work and hours of sweat and tears. All Bartlett & Co Leather Supply products are meticulously handmade by me, Dale Bartlett, in my studio located in Reservoir, Naarm (aka. Melbourne), Australia.

All of Bartlett & Co’s goods are designed and crafted by a single craftsman and constructed with ethically sourced materials.

If you’d like to follow along or just say “Hello” please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

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